Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bare bones March

This time of year is a hard one in the life of the CSA share holder. Lots of the fresh green veggies have run out from last year, and everyone is now patiently awaiting spring so that new crops can grow locally. Today in my share I got: potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots, a giant radish (?), beets, swiss chard, baby spinach, lettuce, apples and grapefruit. The greens I got are GREAT and I am excited about eating them, but more potatoes and parsnips and other roots?
This is really giving me a good experience of what it would be like if I did grow my own food. This time of year a lot of your canned supplies and other good stuff would be running low and you would be very dependent on what was left of your root veggies to survive until your spring crops started growing. I am very grateful for the food I have and that I have the luxury of choosing to buy locally grown food when there are other people in our world who don't even know where their next meal is coming from.
So, I am going to have to be even more creative in my recipes for the next few weeks. Anyone have any good recipes using potatoes? Anyone need potatoes? I have quite the stash over here! :)
I know that I am going to have to be patient, and I know I will enjoy spring even more when it comes in it's beautiful baby green!


  1. Sweet Potato and Black Bean burritos:

  2. Good old steak and Guinness Pie:

  3. I also just remembered: potato salad can make potats seem a little more summery...