Friday, April 16, 2010

you got the Beet

So I have to admit, I am afraid of beets. I don't like that they are so very red, that they stain everything they touch red- my cutting board was red for a week after I attempted beets last time, despite my repeated scrubbing! Also, I just have no idea what to make with them. Roast them? Put them in a salad?

Currently in my fridge I have two medium size beets with their greens attached. Anyone have any good recipes for beets that you know and like to get this scaredy-cat cooking?

Garden update:

-Raised beds have been made, dirt and manure have been put in and I have sown Sugar Snap peas, carrots and lettuce. Thank you to my husband and brother-in-law for making the beds and getting the dirt for me! :)
-I have bought pansies for the front porch (a must to whisk the spring blues away!), and I have radishes, rosemary, spinach and arugula growing in the flower boxes as well.
-Indoors I have tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, snap dragons, and geraniums growing. On my list to do next is to start the pumpkin vines, zucchini, green beans vines, and a few other things to have them ready for planting out in mid-may.

I am excited about my garden this year. Each year I get a better idea of how things are going to grow, exciting! :)

Yard update:
-tulips, and daffodils are in bloom (yay!), Hyacinth are too and crocuses are already done. The forsythia bushes just passed full bloom.
-I have cleaned out 80% of the flower beds and just need to mulch them (next week if it stops raining!).
-John and I are looking to get a better fence for the back to give us a little more privacy back there. I am excited to start fixing the area up this year with more foliage as well!


  1. You can look through my cookbooks tonight for beet recipes... just remind me!

  2. Hey, lady!

    Trim those leaves off! They're sucking moisture from the beets. Cut to about two inches from the root. Store the leaves in a separate plastic bag and use within a couple days.

    But that's all I've got. I heard steamed beets are tasty.

  3. I usually just chop and add them to roasted root veggies (potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots, etc...), toss in olive oil and rosemary, and bake at 400 until done...

  4. But Nathalie used to boil them then slice and serve them cold as a sort of french "salad" that involved a sauce and corn...I'd google it, it was pretty good

  5. Thanks for the advice, friends! :) I might end up doing a roasted veggie medley. A little wimpy I know... not something new and cool hehe