Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm Back!

Winter is upon us here in New England, and so I have decided to resurrect my blog once again. I apologize for the long delay, but I hope you stay tuned for more!

The Christmas season is over. With all the busy days, and wine drinking/dessert eating evenings that have just passed, I am excited to once again start thinking healthy. So, I'm trying to up the exercise and lower the cookie intake... That usually does the trick in helping me feel fit again! More veggie eating won't hurt either... Does Eggplant Parm count as veggie eating? What about Butternut squash risotto? I somehow manage to always find a way to include lots of cheese into my veggie eating... :)

John and I are once again getting a winter share from Enterprise Farm ( They are located in Deerfield MA and send us a variety of organic produce not only from their farm, but also from many other small farms along the East Coast. My favorite thing they've sent us so far are the Grapefruits and oranges from Florida!

Tonight I am making an only semi-healthy crock pot potato soup. There is a large pile of potatoes in my fridge, so this will help the pile not get overwhelming (it seems we get potatoes in our share almost every week, so it adds up fast!). The recipe sounds like it's going to taste great, and I will add low fat cheese into the mix to make it a little healthier. It calls for "cream of potato soup" which I am usually totally against using. BUT, because of my time constraints today, and the fact that creamy soup makes everything taste better... I'm just going to go for it. Top things off with a salad for greens and we will be all set. Stay tuned for the recipe!

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